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About Yoga...

The word 'yoga' comes from the Sanskrit word Yoke, meaning to join, or form a union. Yoga offers an holistic approach to health and to life: the physical aspect combines poses, breathing and relaxation to strengthen and cleanse the body; the spiritual aspects help one develop greater awareness, respect, self-referral and balance.
Babies are eager for communication and interaction and for them, yoga provides the stimulation of touch, movement and rhythm as well as the stillness of deep relaxation.
By practising together, you will encourage an even stronger bond both physically and emotionally as well as enhancing and developing a secure and happy foundation for your little one.

About the benefits...

Sarah has trained with Birthlight, who have developed Baby Yoga and Massage courses based on Indian practises that have existed for thousands of years. The benefits of touch and massage are now supported by modern scientific study that recognise that close physical contact is as important for development as good nutrition. Whatever the specific moves or massage traditions, the benefits for babies include an increased sense of security, improved circulation, strengthened immune system and a sense of well-being and self-esteem.

Baby Yoga allows each baby the chance to develop to their optimum potential. It enhaces motor development, neural and brain development, the transition from reflex to learnt and voluntary movement, and an increased coordination and harmony of all of the body systems.
'Every interaction a baby has and the contact they have with the environment causes a change in neural activity that shapes the brain and defines our understanding of life. Neural connections are formed or lost according to the individual, social and cultural experiences."

"Bonding is a process that may take time as the parents and infant get to know each other. The connection continues and changes through our lives; it is not a finite occurence. Children who have developed trust and feel secure are more able to understand and express their feelings and to also relate to other people. They are our future and they have the ability to chance our world and it all comes from something as simple and profound as love."

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